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More Changes to the Way Facebook Selects Ads for Your Viewing Pleasure

Facebook is a double-edged sword for many of us who are both Facebook advertisers and Facebook users, especially when it comes to privacy and advertising.

Last week, Facebook once again changed how they determine which ads are most relevant to Facebook users. Now, they’re not just learning about your interests through the things you click and like within Facebook, they’re also tracking the sites that you visit outside Facebook.

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A New Responsive Design for Tompkins Industries

As I mentioned in our last post, we’ve been using the Foundation framework to develop responsive designs for some of our clients’ websites. Even for complex catalog sites, responsive design is an effective way to support users across multiple platforms, whether visitors are browsing your site from a full size monitor, tablet, or smartphone.

Take a look at this new CMC3 site we’ve just launched for Tompkins Industries—a company based in Kansas, which provides a range of hydraulic adapters and fluid power products. We’ve used a responsive design and updated the look and feel of the site to improve overall usability and make it even easier to find the specific product you need.

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Senior PHP Developer - Web Applications Programmer

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