Built on 15 year’s experience, CMC3 provides the features, tools and functionality required for B2B online success.


The Next Generation Integrated Web Platform for B2B

Developed by Ebeacon, CMC3 is a proprietary, hosted Catalog, Marketing, Content Management, and E-Commerce application platform designed for industrial and business-to-business websites. These include sites for manufacturing, distribution, and producers of engineered products.

CMC3 supports catalogs of thousands of items, with powerful product selection, filtering, and configuration tools. It provides integrated support for technical information, media and other documentation. It’s well-suited for complex sales channels and long purchasing/sales cycles. CMC3’s commerce module supports multiple types of transactions with real-time payment, tax, and shipping integration. It helps you manage users, generate and qualify leads. And provides the content architecture and interactive features required for effective SEO and inbound marketing.

In short, CMC3 supports the core features every successful B2B website requires: Catalogs, Commerce, Marketing, and Content Management.

Customization Is At Its Core

CMC3 was built with client-by-client customization in mind. The CMC3 platform acts as a starting point on which custom development can take place. We have built the core with flexibility, scalability, and extensibility in mind, allowing us to create powerful custom features, functionality, and site capabilities tailored to your specific needs. These could include website and mobile applications, third-party system/data integration, intranet and extranet features, and custom reporting.

Is CMC3 Right For You?

We built CMC3 to meet certain, specific needs—needs we’ve identified and experienced first-hand in the last 15 years. And we designed it to support our vision of industrial websites and their content, functional, and marketing needs. Our success with CMC3 is reflected by our clients’ online success—through site placement, increased traffic, successful lead generation, and increased sales.

CMC3 was designed to strongly support content—or inbound-marketing and is SEO-optimized to promote your product visibility online.

We know there’s a lot of detailed information that is required as part of the selling/purchasing process of technically sophisticated manufactured goods, or the engineered components that go into those products.  CMC3 supports that sales process, with sophisticated product selection and configuration tools and integrated support for rich technical documentation of your products, including CAD Models, MSDS, Architect’s specs, and the wealth of brochures, manuals, whitepapers, videos, and image galleries that help your customers make their buying decisions.

A sophisticated user registration system converts visitor product interest into a powerful lead generation tool that provides your team with highly qualified sales prospects, including rich user profiles, products of interest, and other critical prospect information.

CMC3 and Ebeacon

CMC3 was designed and developed by Ebeacon, to be used exclusively by our clients. Deciding to use CMC3 means you are also choosing Ebeacon as your design and development partner.

We’re happy to work as partners with your in-house team or your outside agency to ensure your site meets your design, marketing, and brand standards. But If you’re looking for standalone software to license in order to develop your site on your own, this isn’t the solution for you.