CMC3 DocsOnDemand

You’re sitting on a lead generation treasure chest..your technical product information.


Content-Based Inbound Marketing = Lead Generation

Use existing product and technical support content to generate high-quality inbound sales leads. DocsOnDemand™, part of the CMC3™ family, is an integrated media library, document management tool, and user tracking system.

It leverages the existing content-value in your business to generate inbound leads. DocsOnDemand, makes it easy to place downloadable content on your website, and to track and report on the customers and prospects who download it.

Reach Key Influencers With Rich Content

For more than 10 years, we’ve worked with clients who manufacture and sell technically sophisticated products, engineered goods, or key components. DocsOnDemand allows you to easily add trackable online document and media downloads to your site. Files can include 2D CAD Drawings and 3D CAD Models, Videos, Brochures, Manuals, MSDS, Architect’s Specs and other documents. Use your technical content to generate high-quality sales leads, while providing a valuable service to customers and prospects.

It’s hard to underestimate the value of solid relationships with engineers, architects, designers and product managers. With DocsOnDemand, you can establish that relationship early in the design process and have your products, components, or assemblies included in the finished product.

This early-stage engagement, and qualified lead data, gives your sales and technical team a powerful opportunity to communicate directly with your best prospects and customers.

CMC3 DocsOnDemand - A Hosted Service That Works With Any Existing Website.
A key component of CMC3 is our DocServer. It provides the critical link between your online catalog and supporting documents and materials. For those with an existing web site, the new CMC3 DocsOnDemand makes it easy to add this valuable feature without having to re-engineer your current site.

How CMC3 DocsOnDemand Will Benefit You

Document Server Library Features