Nothing’s more important than keeping your site content fresh and compelling. But far too often when using a CMS, that’s meant boring design, and limited functionality. Not with ExpresionEngine.


Why ExpressionEngine is Our Recommendation

At Ebeacon, we believe in the power of content. Far beyond a simple “brochure,” your website should attract and engage current and prospective customers. It is a platform for you to tell your story—to showcase recent work and demonstrate your expertise. Your site is also a community, a place where you can converse and share, provide support and access to key resources.

We love ExpressionEngine for its power and flexibility. We design beautiful, functional, dynamic websites using this publishing system. It’s comprehensive features, accessible plug-in architecture, and robust application platform, lets us create powerful, data-driven web applications. 

Better still, it lets us express our creativity and reinforce your key brand attributes while making it easy for you (or us) to keep your content fresh—whether updating text, images, or video.

We think ExpressionEngine is the best CMS choice for:

Nonprofit and Charitable Organizations
  • Community Service Groups
  • Religious Institutions - Churches, Synagogues, Temples
  • Teams and Organizations
  • Restaurants
  • Municipalities and Neighborhood Groups
  • Schools
Professional Service Firms
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Engineering Firms
  • Architects
  • Designers

Ebeacon ExpressionEngine Services

From initial consultation through design and implementation, Ebeacon provides professional development of your CMS enabled website.


Our designers have worked with ExpressionEngine for years. They know what works, and what doesn’t when it comes to integrating design, architecture, and ExpressionEngine.

Site Conversion & Enhancements

Whether you have a design you want implemented, or a current site you’d like upgraded and converted to use ExpressionEngine, Ebeacon can handle it. Along the way, we’ll help you with additional features and benefits to help you take full advantage of the power of ExpressionEngine and ensure ease-of-management.

Application Development & Integration

Simple web applications are a strength of ExpressionEngine. Just a few of the applications we’ve built in ExpressionEngine: Job Posting Board, Online Job Application,  Bid Posting/Procurement (RFP), Google Mapping integration, Galleries and Portfolios, Configuration and Savings calculators, Technical Glossaries/Dictionaries, Annotated Link Libraries.

Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing

We’re not just SEO experts, but also experts in implementing ExpressionEngine for maximum SEO benefit. Our scalable, SEO-friendly designs ensure that your EE site structure—template groups, templates and html structure, channels, and search-friendly URLs—does it’s part to support your search-optimized content. Complete online marketing services promote your site and drive qualified traffic.

Additional Services

What Can ExpressionEngine Do On My Site?

  • Content/Information Pages
  • Blogs
  • Knowledge Base
  • Bug/Incident Tracking and Reporting
  • Wiki
  • Forums
  • Press Releases
  • Photo Gallery
  • Resource\Media\Document Library Management
  • Membership

ExpressionEngine Features & Benefits

  • Flexible design architecture and templating system means no cookie cutter sites
  • Search Engine friendly design, publishing, and URLs to help your visibility online
  • Browser-based control panel lets you update and publish content, manage its design, send email, set preferences, manage members and much more.
  • Add-on architecture with professionally developed and supported extensions, modules, plug-ins
  • Accessible, responsive technical support and superb documentation,
  • Supports a wide variety of content and data-types
  • Development framework to create powerful custom applications