A catalog is no longer just a catalog. And merely having one is no longer enough.


Online Catalogs to Empower Your Business

At Ebeacon, we believe a powerful, multi-function online catalog is the heart of a B2B website and essential for generating quality leads and growing any business.

We begin by focusing on the products and services that are at the core of your business, providing organization and structure to ensure that site visitors can find, compare, and make sound buying decisions based on comprehensive, accessible, interactive product information.

We organize and integrate information from a variety of sources within your company, helping make existing and possibly under-utilized assets more valuable to the organization. In other words, we give visibility to information and make it usable to customers, partners and staff with tools and applications to put information to work in new and profitable ways.

Your catalog is transformed into a rich transactional platform for sales, support, training, and commerce. Designed to effectively inform, educate and engage site visitors, with powerful interactive tools to capture leads and convert sales.

With over 10 years experience building online catalogs, Ebeacon helps you unlock value from your company assets, generate new revenue, and puts you at a competitive advantage in the marketplace.