Successful e-commerce means you’re generating real business value from your website.


E-Commerce Means Transactions

We take a broad approach to e-commerce. We believe every business website has an e-commerce element to it. We think your site should deliver measureable value and significant return on investment.

At Ebeacon, we connect your users, your content, and your website functionality into a rich transactional platform. It’s commerce, not a cart.

For us, it’s not just about a sale. E-commerce is built on the activities of your users and the tools, resources, and sales mechanisms they interact with on your site. E-commerce is all about the transaction—defined activities that can be measured and managed for business benefit. Things like a sale or quote request, a download, use of a product selector or configuration tool, a form that it submitted.

Transactions are the mechanism that delivers value to the organization.

Identifying and creating opportunities for transactions on your site is at the heart of what we do. They are the measure of our success at reaching your audience, providing them content they seek, and giving them ways to act on that information. 

It informs how we identify and create trackable, actionable items from your online catalog, product information and other resources; enable sales opportunities via online purchase or quote requests; provide services and information access; integrate, share and exchange digital information; even what we track and how we report and analyze site activity.