Content Management

Let’s face it, a website, by definition, is never complete. It’s a living, breathing extension of your business. It requires focus and attention. Commitment, nurturing and ongoing maintenance.


Content Management Is A Competitive Advantage

Think of your website as a starting point—the first, of many conversations you might have with a customer or prospect. Keeping that conversation fresh and consistently engaging, and informing those customers, providing them with the tools, information and resources they need to do business with you, is its real task.

With our “3Cs” management process, Ebeacon brings together the services, tools, and resources you need to manage your online content effectively and efficiently.

Customers expect a lot these days, starting with easy access to timely information that helps them make smart purchasing decisions. And with a list of your competitors staring back at you with every Google search, (and merely a click away) managing that content for maximum benefit is a business-critical task.

Think too of your sales people, customer support staff, dealers and partners. Consider the added value in company productivity and customer satisfaction when information is accessible and easy to use. Consider too, the costs of being out of date.