Online Marketing

Far too often, online marketing efforts focus on singular activities to the detriment of the overall campaign. More than any other medium, success online requires an integrated approach. It truly is a web of connections. For more than 10 years, Ebeacon has been delivering results.


Inbound Marketing Through Content, Placement & Presence

Ebeacon creates stable, highly visible, optimized placements that serve as the linchpin of your online marketing. We provide strategic, integrated online marketing and site placement services, increasing your visibility and driving qualified to your website.

Our approach to successful online marketing beings with quality content, thoughtful explanation and contextual information; in other words: the information you provide, how it’s conveyed, and where it’s available. At Ebeacon, we call this our CPP Marketing™ method. CPP marketing distills online marketing into three key focus areas: Content, Placement and Presence.

CPP Marketing™ Explained

Content is your chance draw people to your site through value. It’s an opportunity to inform, engage, and assist. Ebeacon will help focus your content so your on-page text and site structure work cohesively. This optimizes your search engine visibility, improves usability, delievers inbound leads, and satisfies the information needs of your visitors.

Placement ensures that your site is found where your target audience is looking. Ebeacon utilizes every tool – from search-engine placement and blogs, to social media and paid advertising – to maximize your site’s visibility and increase your web presence.

Presence is about your visibility and reputation. Everything Ebeacon does helps position your organization, define your brand and establish credibility within the community while getting noticed and standing apart from the crowd.

Built on a foundation of Content, Placement, and Presence, Ebeacon’s integrated campaigns target the online opportunities that are best for your organization. And to monitor results, every campaign is supported with user-friendly, actionable metrics and reporting.

We’re ROI and results-focused. And we think you should be too. We constantly evaluate our success with high-quality, consistent, site-traffic analytics, conversion metrics, user-activity reports, and site positioning tracking.