Industrial quality e-commerce platform for business to business solutions

Essential for Industry

Developed by Ebeacon, CMC3 is a proprietary, hosted Catalog, Marketing, Content Management, and E-Commerce application platform designed for industrial and business-to-business websites. These include sites for manufacturing, distribution, and producers of engineered products.

Product Data & Sales Cycles

CMC3 supports catalogs of thousands of items, with powerful product selection, filtering, and configuration tools. It provides integrated support for technical information, media and other documentation. It’s well-suited for complex sales channels and long purchasing/sales cycles.

Lead Generation & Transactions

CMC3’s commerce module supports multiple types of transactions with real-time payment, tax and shipping integration. It helps you manage users, generate and qualify leads. And it provides the content architecture and interactive features required for effective SEO and inbound marketing.

Customization is at its Core

CMC3 is built with customization in mind. Each business is unique in some ways. CMC3 provides a robust platform for fast and efficient development to suite your specific needs.


We have built the core with flexibility, scalability, and extensibility so we can develop features, functionality, and capabilities tailored to your business.

These include websites and mobile applications, third party system/data integrations, services tied to your products, or unique reporting methods.


CMC3 supports the sales process with fine tuned product selection and configuration tools and integrated support for rich technical documentation including CAD models, MSDS, Spec Sheets, Brochures, Manuals, White Papers, Videos, and Image Galleries that help your customers make their buying decisions.


We know there is a lot of detailed information required as part of the selling/purchasing process of technically sophisticated manufactured goods, or the engineered components that go into those products.


A powerful user registration system converts visitor product interest into a lead generation tool providing your team with highly qualified sales prospects, including rich user profiles, products of interest, and other critical prospect information.


CMC3 was designed to strongly support content and inbound marketing. It is search engine optimized to promote your product visibility online.


  • Responsive Design
  • Desktop and Mobile
  • Data feed for 3rd parties
  • Tailor Made Application


  • Catalogs & Mini-Catalogs
  • Price Lists
  • Inventory Updates
  • Line Cards
  • 1-page Sales Sheets


  • User Profiles
  • Segmentation 
  • Event Triggers
  • Marketing Automation
  • Campaign Management


  • CRM
  • ERP / Accounting
  • Sales Management
  • Fullfilment

Dynamic Publishing

  • Print-on-demand PDF
  • Sales Sheets
  • Automated product updates
  • Project Files
  • Marketing Materials


  • Community building
  • Content promotion
  • Subscripions
  • Crowed Sourcing
  • Inventory Clerence


  • Data Feeds
  • Search Engines
  • Vertical marketplaces
  • 3rd Party product directory
  • Partners
  • Direct Spreadsheets


  • Traffic Analysys
  • User Tracking
  • Download Tracking
  • Statistics and Profiling
  • Trend Analysys


Modular system allows flexiblilty in development and pricing


All industry standard product management tools and more.

Types: Simple, Grouped, Configurable, Virtual, Bundle, Downloadable

Organization: Product Attributes, Faceted Search, Categorization, Tagging

Managment: Pricing Tiers, Promotions, Inventory, Multi-Status, Quotes, Retail Cart


Customers, Employees, and Partners all can be registered and engaged in interactions. 

Internal: Management, Sales Representatives, Administrators, Marketing Managers, Content Specialists

External: Public, Custmores, Account Holders, Distributors, Partners

Support Media

Media files are realted to products or product categories. 

Types: Brochures, Videos, Manuals, Technical Documentation, CAD Drawings, Installation Qualification/Operation Qualification, 3-Part Specs, Declarations of Conformity, White Papers,Application Notes, Resource Tools, Safety Data Sheets

Statuses: Active, Discontinued, Legacy, Archived, Multi Language


Comlete profile to tell your story.

Content Types: Company Description, Staff, News, Events, Press Release, Locations, Seminars, Workshops, Testimonials, Project Portfolios

Statuses: Current, Future, Expired, Multi Language


User friendly CMS to publish special conent or run promotions accross multiple channels. 

Types: Landing Pages, Channels, Fieldsets, Categories, Tags, Attributes, Assets, Dokuments, Images, Videos, Maps, RSS, Email, Embed Media

Editorial flow: Writer, Editor, Administrator

Statuses: Current, Future, Expired, Multi Language


From simple form submissions to full fledged B2C, B2B, and B2A transactions.

Types: Retail Cart, Quote Cart, Lists, Contact Form, Newsletter signup form, Email routing, Payment gateway, Authentication, Autorization, Consumer gorups 


Always meet the latest demands of internet marketing.

Tools: Marketing automation, Email marketing, Customer segmentation, Landing pages, Customer registration, Activity tracking

Channels:  Websites, Extrenal destinations, Emial, Social Media


Access any data with insight for analysis or auditing.

Features: Secure collaboration, Data blending, Visual analysys, Connect to all data sources, Big data insights, Traffic analisys, Custmoer activity analisys

Statuses: Access levels, 3rd party integrations