Luke Adamis
Mar 30 2017

Improving the Dr. Colorchip Ordering Process

Dr. Colorchip’s exclusive three-step automotive paint chip repair system has revolutionized the touch-up paint process and makes it easy for anyone to make a fast, professional repair of most chips and scratches. But the first step to success is ensuring you’ve got the right paint to match your car.

Ebeacon redesigned the Dr. Colorchip website, improved usability, and overhauled the order placement process, reducing customer order errors, improving conversion, and increasing customer satisfaction.

The Dr. Colorchip site uses ShopSite. As ShopSite Certified Designers, Ebeacon has the experience and expertise to customize ShopSite to meet our customers’ needs.

How We Did It

The home page took on even greater significance than normal. From the first view of the site, we encouraged interaction moving to the sale.

Above the fold, we sought to achieve three things:

  • Showcase the results you can expect
  • Demonstrate the amazingly easy repair process
  • Make the ordering process clear, simple, and easy to begin

Once the order process has begun, a clear funnel leads to the shopping cart and order completion.

New content pages, video demonstration, a structured FAQ, downloadable documents, and other supplemental information support the buying process through clear explanation and accessible information.

The results speak for themselves.

  • Customer ordering errors reduced to almost zero.
  • Online sales have increased
  • Customer service calls are way down
  • Customer satisfaction is way up.

Visit the Dr. Colorchip website to see for yourself. If you need automotive touch-up paint, we encourage you to try it. It really is remarkable.